5 Compelling Reasons to Name Your Business, Blog or Online Course for Nurturing New Leads [Naming Series - Post 2 of 4]

5 compelling reasons to name your business, blog, or course for nurturing new leads

Picking a great name-- one that sticks with your potential buyers + clients-- is critical for a few reasons.

1. You want your audience to spread the word about your business, and a “sticky” name helps you do that.

Nike used to be the “Blue Ribbon Sports” company. Snooze. Snapple used to be the “Unadulterated Beverages Company.” YAWN.

Can you see how much better names like “Nike” and “Snapple” are?!

They’re not only catchy-- they’re sticky, which is exactly what you need for your ailing offer. Catchy names stick with your buyers and make it easy for them to share your courses, products and business with the world.

It also makes you bunches more Google-able, so that if they only remember a snippet of your unique moniker, people can still find you.

2. “Don’t Get Sued” is one of your top priorities on your to-do list today (and every day).

Possibly the most compelling reason to come up with a ballin’ name is so you don’t get sued. If you’ve ever spent four seconds on the internet, you know that everything is already taken.

But is it?

Nah, there’s still plenty of names out there-- especially names that represent your unique perspective, background and offers.

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3. Rebranding is outta the question.

Even if you don’t get sued, if a name isn’t yours to use as you please, a scary lawyer letter could still spook you into a rebrand.

This happens all. the. time.

I’ve had dozens of conversations with potential clients who come to me, scary legal letter in hand, asking what they should do when an established company with a similar name confronts them. Most of the time, they had an adorable name and logo that all had to be redone.

Sometimes they had to give up a quirky nickname, dubbed by a loved one who’d passed.

This stuff breaks my heart, guys!

For every one of these budding businesses, the rebranding process proved expensive and time consuming-- one gal even had to dump her existing branded inventory in order to avoid a lawsuit. That’s a lot of expensive labeling to cover up or trash!

4. You like making money! Especially passive money.

There is an upside to all this naming and legal blaming: if you nail the right name, you can fuggettabout legal woes and sip some daiquiris on the beach instead.

That’s because the right name is an incredible, valuable asset for your business.


We’ve seen this most visibly with brands like “The Limited,” and “DELia*s.”

Even when all their stores shut down and these retailers went buh-bye, their names were still bought and sold a few times for several mil.

With a great name on your course, product or business, you’re building an asset that can be sold later on, just like a car or house.

5. It makes everything easier.

Easy is ideal, right? You’re going to have to come up with a great name now, or later, when your hand is forced by some jackass lawyer.

Now seems preferable, especially with the added plus that once you have a name you’re gaga about (or even mildly enthused about), it makes it so much more FUN + EASY to get your offers out there into the world.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that what your business is all about?

Stick around because in my next post, I’ll show you how you know with 100% certainty a name is available for you to use, plus, how you can lock it down so those lurking copycats can’t get their grubby paws on it.

Get started right away with my The Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Course, Product or Business, Step By Step (with free name generator tools included)—just click to download!

how to name your products and services

Plus, I have a few more posts coming in this educational series on naming your products.

Over the next week, you’ll learn:

  1. How to Name Your Stuff (so you can actually launch!) 
  2. 5 Reasons You Need a Baller Name for Your Offer, Blog or Business (this post!)
  3. The 5 Unexpected Steps to Make Sure Your Course, Blog or Business Name is Available (with step-by-step walkthrough!) (coming soon)
  4. The 9 Deadly Traps of Naming Your Online Course, Blog or Business (coming soon)

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