5 Unexpected Ways to Make $100 Today and Every Day as an Online Coach

5 unexpected ways to make $100 today and every day as an online coach

Whew! Our Online Coach client contract template is FLYING off the shelves this month! 

With so many of you moving your business online and serving clients virtually, it makes sense. 

After all, this template isn't just for true-blue online coaches, it's also perfect for:

• Photographers, mentoring clients on how to take their own photos

• Wedding Planners, coaching their clients on their wedding plans or working virtually with clients to get ready for their postponed event

• Consultants, who have moved online and are doing more virtual sessions now that human interaction is cancelled for 2020

Whether you're a traditional life coach, career coach, relationship or dating coach, food coach or business coach, our Coaching Contract client contract template is perfect for this new avenue of revenue your business will enjoy.

And, if you're not sure how that revenue is going to happen, here's 5 Unexpected Ways to Make $100 Today as an Online Coach

1. Offer Smaller Coaching Sessions

With stimulus checks starting to roll in, and a solid month at home under our belts by now, there's a lot people who want to feel more productive and spend that money!

Give them something good to use it on-- a coaching session with you.

While recent events have made big purchases less likely, there's no reason you can't offer mini 1:1 coaching sessions that pack a punch.

Truthfully, I stopped offering hour long sessions with me because I found that was farrrrrr too long anyway.

Instead of an uber-expensive hour sesh, try offering discounted mini sessions.

You'll still get paid, and your hourly rate won't get touched-- your services are still as valuable as ever. 

But, with this lower rate (a la less time with you), you'll have more people able to afford you if they're feeling a cash crunch but need your help.

Bonus tip: if you send them a good questionnaire to fill out before their mini coaching session, they'll be able to get a lot out of it, with only a minute or two of extra prep on your part!

2. Create a "Light" Group Coaching Option

If your hourly rate is muy expensivo, consider adding extras to the time you have. While they won't get the same 1:1 experience, in my opinion, group coaching is far more valuable.

As a participant, I get to see the problems others are having. It's a guarantee they're having the same problems I am, and I'll get something out of the sesh. I was probably just too chicken to pipe up and voice my problem! Thanks other person!

Plus, by "sharing" you and your time, the group each collectively has to pay less. It's a win-win for everyone, and a great way to test out coaching without spending all day on Zoom.

3. Use Sites + Apps to Recruit New Clients

Did you know there's tons of places for you to find new clients because those clients are actively looking for people like you?

It's true-- and you may have even used similar sites before.

I know I've found tons of my medical professionals on ZocDoc, a handy app that lets me see real patient reviews and book into the doctor's calendar while I'm watching Netflix.

You can use apps and sites like ZocDoc, Upwork, Fiverr or even Coach.me to find your next set of clients if you're new to coaching.

4. Do a Live, Come-As-You-Are AMA Every Week

Similar to #3, above, is a live Q+A you hold every week. There's no membership or sales process-- you just tell people you're going live, and they can ask you questions and you'll answer them. 

The only "catch" for them is that it costs $5 to attend... or whatever price you'd like. This would work especially well for anyone with a decent sized audience on any platform. 

If you got 100 people to sign up at $5 bucks a pop, you just made $500 for 30-60 minutes of your time! (Don't worry-- most people won't ask questions-- they'll only sign up and pay to get access to the replay).

5. Put on Mini Workshops 

If you're more about paying it forward in this trying time, this is a great coaching option for you. 

You can host mini 10-20 minute workshops on a topic you're passionate about, or that your audience would like to learn from you. 

Similar to Creative Live's business model, these workshops could be free to anyone who wants to watch live, but when they're done, they're done... unless you paid for the replay.

By having a free live option, anyone who is strapped for cash can still get the best of your brain, but anyone who values your thoughts and wants a replay has the opportunity to enjoy your workshop at their leisure.

Do a few weeks of these mini workshops and you just might have yourself a full-fledged online course!

Let me know in the comments below-- are any of these options exciting to you? Could you kick start your new virtual revenue stream with these?



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