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Create a Pipeline of Prospective Clients in 3 Steps

Create a Pipeline of Prospective Clients in 3 Steps

Is your business suffering from “empty buzz”? You know, where people are noticing you,  you’re gaining social followers, and you might even be getting a DM or email inquiry on occasion. 

 But that’s as far as it goes. When it comes time to actually get a paying client in the door, you’ve got nothing but crickets. Or at least, way fewer bookings than you’d like (rent doesn’t pay itself, after all).

 Sound familiar? You’re not alone. We hear all the time from new and established business owners that they wish they had a longer line of interested clients coming through their doors. It’s possible to grow your prospective client pipeline, though.

 We’ll show you how in just about 3 steps. 

Set yourself apart (aka “Find your UVP”)

Most often, businesses struggle to get paying clients in the door and consistently generate leads because they simply aren’t standing out from the crowd. 

Especially if you offer a service in a fairly saturated market, you have to know exactly how to show up and let your ideal clients know how you’re different.

Think about the most unique qualities of your business. What makes you different from other businesses in your niche, doing the same thing? 

That’s what’s called your UVP — unique value proposition. UVP is all about your impact and the ways you completely blow the idea of competition out of the water. It might be part of your service, it could be the particular group of people you serve, or it could be the experience you create for those who work with you.

For example, you might be a graphic designer — fairly common, right? But instead of offering social media design, maybe you ONLY specialize in creating tradeshow booth designs. That’s a differentiator! 

Or what about a copywriter who has experience working with women leaving the corporate workspace? That copywriter could really help new women business owners find their voice and be confident in how they show up.

If you’re struggling to define your UVP, think about it this way: What are the gaps in the market that your business fills? The things that there’s a high need for, but a low supply. 

Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make yourself unique! It might be as simple as your personality and life experience. 

Capture leads and nurture relationships

Leads are Rose and you’re Jack, and it’s up to you to promise them you’ll never let go! 

Okay, it might not be nearly as dramatic as  Titanic.  But once you DO have a lead, you need to know how to capture their attention, pique their interest, and continue to follow up with them. 

Having a strong social presence that garners interest is great, but if you aren’t moving your followers onto an email list that you OWN with the promise of free, valuable content, you’re missing out on those conversions! 

Despite its age, email is still the best and highest converting source to funnel your traffic to.  With an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, email marketing could very well be the goldmine you need to start seeing real revenue in your business. 

Have a new lead on the line? Get their email address and stay connected. Add them to a nurture sequence or set tasks for yourself so you remember to follow up. Just don’t let go! 

Build authority in your space 

Anyone can make claims on the internet. But when you can back those claims up with hard evidence and proof from past clients, you’re suddenly building so much credibility that  purchasing from you or your business is a total no-brainer

The more you can show people in your space that you’re the one their peers trust, the better. But it’s not just about having a massive portfolio. You might consider podcast speaking, attending events, and even hosting training events or webinars. This showcases your expertise in a different way and allows people to “find you” on platforms beyond social media.

The more places you can be (without burning yourself out), the more lines you put in the water. 

Get Clients on Tap® 

If you want to take all of that ^^ and create an ever-flowing pipeline of clients basically shouting, “Shut up and take my money!!” at you, then we have got a system for you! 

Clients on Tap® is the secret weapon that client-based businesses use to ensure they can land those high-end, happy-to-pay clients on a wash, rinse, repeat cycle. 

With 5 in-depth lesson modules, templates, checklists, and funnel frameworks, this is the *only* quick study course you’ll need to start filling your pipeline with high-quality leads ASAP.  

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