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Clients On Tap®


Clients On Tap®

No-hassle returns within 14 days

The complete system for creatives to get clients in the queue & money in the bank.

You’re getting noticed, but you’re not getting clients… and that needs to change.

‘Cause you’ve taken all the online courses and summits about how to grow your Instagram following, find your “ideal client avatar”, and plan a content calendar … but they’re not exactly converting to sales.

(You know. The regular cash flow that actually keeps the lights on.)

So you’re attempting to mesh creativity with strategy.

You signed up for an email marketing platform and you’re working on that whole lead-magnet/freebie ish—but you have no clue what to do beyond that.

It’s like there’s a secret behind this whole “run a business” thing… and you haven’t figured it out yet.

Plus, some days the thought of having someone trust you with (and pay you for) their wedding photos, stationery, website design, or creative service brings on some MAJOR imposter syndrome feelings:

“Shouldn’t I be doing this for free for a little while longer?” you think.

What if you lived in a world where...

You turned your computer off on a Friday afternoon after paying yourself the very same thing you paid yourself last week?

Imagine landing the high-end, Anthro-shopping, $5-Starbucks-sipping client who can afford you AND trusts your expertise—so there’s no more taking on discount Betties or juggling dozens of clients at once in the name of income.

You’d be able to wake up to a calendar full of consults, because your sales funnel—yeah, funnel, ‘cause you’re not scared of them anymore—works like a charm.

After all, charting a course to greatness shouldn’t mean spending 3 hours a day liking random images on Instagram to grow your follower count… or counting the pennies left in your credit limit to see when you can afford a fancy new website.


Lesson 1: Finding Your UVP

  • My 8-step overview of Developing Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP), a lesson that guides through figuring out the impact you have (and blows the competition and “saturated market” idea out of the water).
  • The Refining Formula,to give you confidence in tweaking your UVP for maximum impact, including precise feedback from me on market gaps that you could fill with your business.

Lesson 2: The Basics of Lead Capture

  • The #1 Mistake Most Creative Biz Owners Make, and how to beat it—because this is hands-down the way to market in 2019 & beyond, and I’ll tell you all about it.
  • Your Lead Magnet Toolbox, my 360-degree guide to discover exactly what you can create an email newsletter around so you can start to build authority.
  • My exact 12 Must-Have Ways to Build Authority in 30 Days, the very checklist I use in my own business to guarantee your industry sees you as a credible, expert business owner… and so you can really show you’re worth the investment.Lesson 3: Fight plan (aka Getting clients!)

Lesson 3: Fight Plan (a.k.a. Getting Clients!)

  • The When, Where & What, so you can peek over my shoulder and see the step-by-step process I brainstorm through when figuring out where to deliver a talk.
  • The 3 Little-Known Ways to Find Clients, giving you a detailed action plan for organizing your marketing efforts, so you can learn how to advertise your business where other creatives aren’t.
  • My Done-for-You Pitch Samples for filling in and pressing send on JV webinar ideas, online summit talks, podcast interviews and more… because believe it or not, it’s easier than you think to send a cold email, and I’ll show you how!

Lesson 4: Basic Funnels That Convert

  • My Order of a Funnel techniques and cheat sheets, so you don’t make the mistakes that most creatives do when they talk about “funnels”—I got your back, and I’ll hold your hand to map out your entire funnel. This isn’t for online marketers! This is for “I have no clue what she’s talking about” creatives.
  • 3 Purposes of a Funnel Framework, giving you an outline for the mindset you need to have about funnels, so you’re get funnel-eyes on: You’ll start seeing passive ways to warm up potential clients left and right after this training.
  • My proprietary 3-step Clients on Tap® contact form framework!! If you got nothing else this one section would be worth your investment, where I walk you through the three things you need to have them begging for a contract before you’ve even seen their submission form.

Lesson 5: Sales Conversations

  • Swipe File Conversation Templates that can give you the confidence to communicate your value, knowing you deliver stellar work and are worth every hard-earned penny you’ll make.
  • My 4-Step Guide, so you never have to worry how to structure the call… or pivot into the asking-for-money part 

Stop Marketing & Start Booking Clients!



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Therefore, we have international versions of select contract templates for convenience, but not out of necessity. Our Hold My Hand™ guide will walk you through how to adjust for international use.

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