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Grow Your Business Online: Leveraging Community

Grow Your Business Online: Leveraging Community

There are countless strategies out there dedicated to helping you grow your business online. It’s easy to find a marketing expert, business coach, financial expert, or other “guru” that can spout off tips and tricks to help you see growth. But, if you’ve implemented some of these tips and haven’t seen that promised growth, you might be wondering “what gives?”

The truth? There’s no easy-button strategy that’s going to catapult your business to success. 

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The online business space is no longer new and, frankly, it’s crowded. If you want to grow your business online, you’ve got to leverage how crowded it is and use it to your advantage. How? By building community with other business owners!

Make no mistake, building community isn’t as simple as occasionally checking in and giving your two cents. It’s a give and take; where you give more than you take. But you just can’t do this business thing alone. If you want a thriving business, you’vegot to find community. 

Don’t believe us? That’s okay, skeptics are welcome here. That’s why we created this post, after all! The truth is, community helps support your business in many ways. In particular: through brand advocacy and extended reach, collaboration and partnerships, and support and advice.

Brand Advocacy and Extended Reach

Think about your business BFFS. When you see someone asking for a recommendation for their area of expertise, they’re the first person you think of, right? And you automatically share their name and encourage said person to check them out. It comes naturally. When you become part of a community, you build relationships with the people within your community, and they’ll begin to think of you in that way.

Why? Because when people feel connected to you, they are more likely to become loyal supporters and advocates. They’ll actively engage with your content, share positive experiences, and recommend your products or services to others, amplifying your brand’s reach organically. Basically, your community becomes an extension of your network, helping you connect with like-minded individuals and businesses. 

Collaboration and Partnerships will Grow Your Business Online

The people in your community that share your industry or niche are all potential collaborators. They may bring complementary skills, resources, or audiences to the table. Which means you’ll have the opportunity to tap into new markets, expand your offerings, and leverage each other’s strengths for mutual growth and success. 

Once those in your community come to know you, they’ll begin to trust you. Once they trust you, collaborations and partnerships become a natural next step. What kind of collaborations can you do together? Create guest content for each other, become affiliates of each other’s programs, bundle your offers, co-host events, and so much more! Your imagination is the only limit, but you’ve got to build relationships with others first.

The No-Nonsense Checklist to Starting a Business

Support and Advice

We’ve all had those days as entrepreneurs where everyone else is successful and we’re a failure. Where no one benefits from what we do. And where we strongly consider just shutting our businesses down. Or, at least, that’s what our brains tell us. There will always be high-highs and low-lows as an entrepreneur. Having a community you can lean into the celebrations with, and to pick you up when you need it is not only helpful, but necessary. And those relationships are found and built, in community. But how do you find a community to plug into? 

In this new digital era, building a community around your business is no longer just a nice-to-have; it’s a powerful and necessary strategy to help you grow your business online. Which is why we’ve created The K Club™. 

The K Club™ will Grow Your Business Online

The K Club™ is a free Facebook community that we designed specifically to help digital business owners, freelancers, coaches, and creatives find community, and grow their businesses - together. This group is the place to connect, network, and learn from professionals and peers. We encourage you to join, ask questions of your own, and also celebrate and support the others in the group. The group is free to join. All you have to do is head to this link and request to be let inside. Then, get to connecting!

Connecting with new people should be the single most important goal in your business. And if you’re looking to build community while you grow your business online, we’ve got just the place for you. Whether you’re just starting out, or have years of experience, we hope that you’ll join us inside The K Club™.

K Club™

Amanda Warfield
Amanda Warfield

Amanda Warfield is a simplicity-focused content marketing and launch strategist, author of the book Chasing Simple Marketing, and host of Chasing Simple - a podcast to help creative entrepreneurs uncomplicate their marketing and business. She traded in her classroom lesson plans for speaking and educating creative entrepreneurs on sustainably fitting content marketing into their business, without it taking over their business - so that they have time to grow their business.

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