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How Long Does It Take To Become a Web Designer?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Web Designer?

A Bachelor’s degree in web design takes approximately four years to complete, depending on several factors, including the mode of training. For example, if you choose a full-time course, it’ll take you four years to complete the course. 

But even as you think about the time it’ll take to become a web designer, you also need clear reasons why you need to pursue this career path and whether it’s really worth it. So, is web design a good career? The answer is yes!

Thanks to the increasing demand for unique and cutting-edge web designs, web design is one of the most popular careers in the world today. Furthermore, there are many areas of web design you can specialize in. You just need to understand what is included in web design services, including the best web design contract template to use, in order to discover what you can offer and develop your career.

Once you establish why you need to become a web designer, choose the right mode of training that aligns with your career objectives and the time you have for studying.

Factors that Determine Your Timeline

As noted above, the duration it takes to complete your web design course depends on the style of training you choose–but several other important factors determine how long you take to get a Bachelor’s degree in web design. Let’s explore them here:

Full-Time Versus Part-Time Web Design Courses

A full-time web design course for a Bachelor’s degree will take not less than four years because it offers all the essential skills you need to become a professional web designer. Part-time web design courses are usually shorter because they only offer the most basic web design skills that you need to start a career in web design.

The full scope of what skills a web designer needs is included in full-time courses, which includes:

  • Coding
  • Visual design
  • User experience (UX) design
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sketch
  • And more!

However, if you want to jump into the field of web design immediately and you’re looking for a quick way to acquire the basic skills to help you offer professional web design services, then a part-time course is the ideal choice for you. Part-time courses are also ideal for students with other commitments like a full-time job. So, they’re only available for classes in the evening and on weekends.

Level of Web Design Skills You Need

If you just need some basic skills to help you kickstart a career in web design, you can go for a diploma or part-time bachelor’s degree course. This will provide you with general skills like designing a simple UI, typography, color theory, composition, etc.

You can acquire these skills in a short time, depending on the number of hours you commit to studying. Some web design diploma courses can take less than a year to complete.

If you want to master every aspect of web design, go for a full-time Bachelor’s degree in web design. You can either pursue a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or a Master’s degree in web design. 

These degrees will provide you with extra skills that aren’t offered in shorter courses or expedited programs. For instance, you’ll learn both front-end and back-end web design skills, including the main programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Python/Django. 

Training Institutions

The training institution you choose for your web design degree or diploma will determine how long it takes to complete the course. If the institution doesn’t have enough trainers or resources, it’ll take you many years to complete your course.

If you choose a boot camp or online training program that’s only available in the evening, on weekends, and holidays, your course will take longer to complete. However, if you go to an institution that dedicates a trainer to each student and offers full-time training, you’ll learn everything in a shorter amount of time.

So, the training style and institution you choose for your web design career, as well as the level of training you need, will determine how long it’ll take to become a web designer.

In Summary

Becoming a web designer relies on a great deal of hard skills, factoring in the multitude of areas required for an efficient and stylish website. The Contract Shop® can help you develop yourself professionally once you’ve honed those skills and are ready to build your business!

Kevin Gallagher
Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher is the CEO of The Contract Shop®, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and more. His background is in helping online businesses grow, having previously worked at Allbirds managing part of their operations. He is proud to report that his digital artist wife Mandy is a happy customer of The Contract Shop®, and his main motivation is to help as many people like her as possible with the tools that they need to confidently manage their businesses.

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