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How the Contract Shop Templates Save You the Big Bucks

How the Contract Shop Templates Save You the Big Bucks

Everyone knows legal help isn't cheap. In fact, we hear a lot of people talk about avoiding it because it’s just not something they can budget for right now. 

And that drives us crazy! 

Why? Because we know there’s an accessible and affordable way to access the legal coverage you need in your business. Our contract templates are legally legit, but here’s the thing — they aren’t crazy expensive and are nowhere near the cost of an attorney. We made them just for business owners like you to have the legal backing they need because having that protection is CRUCIAL. You never know when something may come up. 

If you’ve been eyeing our contract templates for some time now but aren’t sure if the money is worth it, take a look at what you  could be saving instead. 

$4,000 to $6,000 on legal fees

Don’t get us wrong — having an attorney on call can be helpful sometimes. But unless you have  thousands of dollars to spare every time you need a new contract for a new client (and thousands more to revise said contracts), then  you’re better off with a contract template

They’re affordable AND they have been created by a legit attorney who has drawn on her legal expertise and experience in the creative industry. That means you’re not only getting a contract that can actually work into your budget, but you're getting one geared specifically towards your niche, so you can have confidence knowing you’re legally covered. 

$100 to $10,000 on lost client fees

Being ghosted sucks. Especially when you’ve already worked really hard to establish that connection with a new client. And other than feeling like it's a slight dig on you and your business (it’s not — we know it's hard, but try not to take it too personally), it can be frustrating because of all the time  and money lost from  a client ghosting you

And we’re talking in the range of anywhere from $100 to $10,000. Time is money, but contract templates can also protect you legally backing you when: 

  • A client doesn’t pay you
  • Or deliver their portion of the project on time
  • Or even when they just don’t communicate and boundaries get pushed 

And with a contract template, you won’t have to feel like money was wasted on hiring a lawyer to create a contract for that specific client (which is expensive AF like we said earlier!). 

$500 to $1,500 annually on insurance 

Do you  really  need liability insurance for your business? Yes — but you can pay way less in premiums if you have an indemnification clause. That sounds a little legal-heavy, so allow us to explain.

Liability insurance for businesses

Not every state in the U.S. requires businesses to carry liability insurance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. On the off-chance that something does happen,  you want your bases covered. Liability insurance for businesses typically covers the cost of injury and property damage claims against your business, as well as medical care, damaged property, and legal fees. 

Indemnification clauses in contracts

An indemnification clause explains what will happen if one party breaches the contract, shifting the potential costs from one party to another. It protects you in case a third party is harmed in any way. It is also referred to as the “hold harmless” clause.

So, do you need both? 

Short answer? Yes. While we can't give specific advice for your business, what we will say is that you get a big break in your premiums on liability insurance. And yes — all of our contract templates have an indemnification clause,  unlike a lot of free contracts floating around the internet

Play it safe — and frugal — and use a contract template

You never know what might happen in your business, and having legal coverage means your booty is protected in case something goes haywire! A contract minimizes the risk both you and your clients may face. It’s a worthwhile investment that literally pays for itself- seriously, our highest-priced contract template is only $495. That’s what you would save on insurance and a FAR cry from what you’d pay in attorney fees. 

And whether you’re in coaching, photography, or are an interior designer, we’ve got a contract template for you! Each one is attorney-prepared, peer-reviewed, and legally legit!  Take a look at our 30+ options in our online shop!

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