Where Can I Get a Coaching Agreement Contract Written?

Where Can I Get a Coaching Agreement Written?

Coaching experts assist and empower individuals to reach their personal or professional aspirations by leveraging their innate strengths and overcoming obstacles. Drawing upon a mix of questioning, reflection, and actionable strategies, coaches facilitate self-awareness and inspire change, empowering their clients to reach desired outcomes. 

A contract is essential to lay out what the client can expect from the coach and vice versa. This might include the duration and frequency of sessions, tools or materials provided, and the overarching goals of the coaching relationship. 

Whether it's in personal development, fitness, or professional improvement, it is a service that demands clear communication and boundaries. If you're a coach or someone seeking coaching services, having a contract is paramount to establishing the expectations of both parties. 

How to Obtain a Legal Contract

While the initial process of creating a contract might seem daunting, the peace of mind a well-constructed document provides is invaluable. 

Here are some ways to create a contract for coaches:

Hire a Freelance Legal Expert

When drafting or refining a contract, there are freelancer platforms that are invaluable resources for finding legal experts suited to your needs. 

Start by posting a detailed description stating that you're seeking a legal professional with experience creating contracts. As you navigate through the myriad of candidates, pay special attention to their reviews and previous work, ensuring they have the expertise you require. 

It's also imperative to be transparent about your budget and the timeline you're working with. This not only helps filter out candidates who don't align with your expectations but also sets a clear foundation for your working relationship with the legal expert you eventually hire.

Use a Contract Template Provider

Platforms such as The Contract Shop® provide specialized templates for various fields, including coaching. We offer user-friendly templates that are easy to understand and save you both time and money. 

Remember that one size doesn't fit all–you'll likely need to tweak certain sections, like payment terms or content rights, to fit your specific needs. A major area to focus on is intellectual property rights–these may include proprietary coaching methodologies, customized tools, worksheets, and other audio or video materials. 

As you grow and evolve in your coaching career, or as laws change, it's a good idea to revisit and update your contract. While these templates are a fantastic tool, it's always wise to have a legal expert give your contract a once-over to ensure everything's in order.

Why Are Contracts Important for Coaching Services?

Contracts provide a written record of the rights and obligations of each party involved. They help prevent misunderstandings, mitigate disputes, and protect the interests of both you and your client.

Setting Expectations

Coaching is a journey that involves setting and meeting specific goals. For example, you may be wondering what a health coach legally does. A contract outlines what the client can expect from you as a coach and vice versa.

Financial Clarity 

Compensation is a critical component of any service. A contract ensures that both parties are clear on the cost of services, payment schedules, any possible additional charges, and the accepted modes of payment.


Why is confidentiality important in coaching? Coaches often deal with sensitive personal or professional information. A contract can include confidentiality or nondisclosure clauses to reassure clients that their information will not be shared inappropriately.

Termination Terms

Not all coaching relationships will be long-term or permanent. A contract should specify the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement, whether due to a breach of contract, mutual agreement, or any other reason.

In Summary

Coaching is a profession built on trust, growth, and transformation. A well-crafted contract provides legal protection and fosters a sense of trust and transparency between you and your client. Protect your coaching business with tailored contract templates by The Contract Shop®!

Kevin Gallagher
Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher is the CEO of The Contract Shop®, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and more. His background is in helping online businesses grow, having previously worked at Allbirds managing part of their operations. He is proud to report that his digital artist wife Mandy is a happy customer of The Contract Shop®, and his main motivation is to help as many people like her as possible with the tools that they need to confidently manage their businesses.

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