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Refund Recon™

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Refund Recon™

Refunds are a critical sales tool—not a last-minute addition to a sales page!

If you’ve been avoiding creating a refund policy because it scares you, you’re leaving tons of cash on the table.

Refunds aren’t there to protect you—they’re there to create trust with your customers. Your purchasers want to know your product or service is SO good that you believe in it too.

A crappy refund policy like, “no refunds,” or worse—not even a mention of your refund policy on your sales page—screams, “gahhh! I don’t think this is a very good product, you probably don’t want it!”

Compare that to the confidence of a happy, upbeat refund policy that matches your brand voice. Whoa! Instant customer cred in the bank.

The Complete Refund Recon™ Pack includes...

✔ The Refund Recon™ Workshop

Learn why your refund policy should be one of your most valued assets in your business, and how it can lead to many more sales each month. Plus, I walk you through why a well-crafted refund policy can explode your sales.

 Product Guarantee Template for Your Site or Sales Page

How will they know what to expect from their purchase with you? We have the legally legit guarantee template that won’t land you in hot water with the FTC, but will help push your buyers over the fence to buy from you. 

 Refund Policy Template for Your Site or Sales Page

This comes in three tried-and-true tested levels: strict, recommended or rogue, so you can make more sales while being clear, and fair, about your refund policy. 

 The Post-Purchase Refund Repellent System

Use my time-tested, five-step automated email system that decreases refund requests by up to 50%, all without the need for you to make any emotional decisions or listen to any heartbreaking stories!

 And these special bonuses:

BONUS #1 — The No-Nonsense Refund Request Form
Take control of your return process by asking your customers to complete a formal request for permission to return an item. This is the exact no-nonsense form I use to make sure every request is handled the exact same way.

BONUS #2 — Our Perfect Refund Procedure Checklist
Take the emotions out of the process with this step-by-step procedure to processing refunds. No more guessing what you should do, or bending the rules for sappy (possibly true, but probably not) sad stories.

BONUS #3 — Refund Request Tracking Sheet
Our secret weapon to analyzing trends and continuously improving our products—so our return rate sinks even further into the ground.

BONUS #4 — Our Airtight Affidavit for Digital Returns
Yes, digital products can be returned without worrying so much about the physical act of returning an item—get the exact legal language I use to reduce the risk of a digital product return.

Refunds make or break your customer experience.

If you’ve been avoiding creating a refund policy because it scares you, you’re leaving tons of cash on the table.

Selling things online is kind of like the real life equivalent of opening your trunk in the back of a parking lot and asking if passerbys would like to purchase the baubles inside.

Ummmmm…. hard no.

We have to build trust with our audience, and there’s only two ways to do that:

1. Making promises
2. Keeping them

Your refund policy is a promise to your future customers that you’ll take care of them. Your testimonials and product reviews are proof that you kept those promises.

There’s no faster way to build trust with your customers than to give them an easy-to-understand refund policy that’s simple + straightforward.

But if you haven’t written one and tested it before, you’re a little lost on what a great promise looks like.

That’s where Refund Recon™ comes in.

Grab Refund Recon™ today and get:

  • 15-Minute Refund Recon™ Workshop
  • 4 Ready-to-Go Refund Policy Templates
  • 1 ​Plug-and-Play Guarantee Template
  • ​A Legal Affidavit for Return of Digital Courses
  • ​5 Post-Purchase Email Templates
  • ​20-Step Refund Procedure Checklist
  • ​Copy-and-Paste Refund Request Form
  • and more!
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    Done & handled

    It was very easy to take the steps outlined and put everything into my existing product, systems, and website. Took the mental load of having to "figure it out" away - highly recommend!

    United States United States

    Do a Favor for Your Future Self

    Refund Recon is an insurance policy for my mental well-being as I'm preparing to launch an online business. The The Post-Purchase Refund Repellent System was worth the price alone! The refund templates fit seamlessly into my website and the explanations of the types of strategies were incredibly helpful, too. I feel extra secure in my ability to handle any refund requests when they inevitably pop up. This has definitely removed a level of anxiety from the sales process.

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    All of our templates are drafted by Christina Scalera, a licensed attorney. They are also peer-reviewed by at least two licensed attorneys—one based in the US and one based in the country the template will be used in [for example, for all of our Canadian entrepreneurs, we have a Canadian attorney review those templates]. 

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    What if this contract is not a good fit for my business?

    We get it, sometimes things don't work out. That's why we offer a 14-day no-hassle refund for any reason. You don't have to show us anything. You don't have to prove anything. We'll ask you some simple admin questions to get your refund processed and the funds will be back in your account within 6 business days.

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